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African design concept

Comprehensive foreign trade

  • Started in 2012

    In 2012, from Guangzhou for the first time to travel to distant Africa, I said, "I have never been to Africa, I am afraid of Africa, I have been to Africa, I have loved Africa, I have left Africa and I want Africa." Once I went to China, I fell in love with this land. That year we rented a special booth at the Benin Center. After three days of exhibitions, there was not much left in a container. At the same time, our own brand “WILLWIN” was launched in the local area with exquisite craftsmanship and African design concepts. Even merchants from North Africa and Morocco often come here.


    HUAHE have established a productive trading relationship with West Africa since 2014.We mainly dealing in clothing, solar energy, LED light source, fashion and creative household products, with complete quality, after-sale service and management system.

  • west Africa Benin

    In west Africa Benin,  we have many permanent Chinese employees and local staff, which is a strong support for the development of international trade between China and Benin, and a good guarantee for the after-sales service and service of our products exported to the country.In this way, we also hope to explore more markets in west Africa through Nigeria exhibition.